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The beginning of a promising career development
Jannie Nguyen is a leading beauty expert in Vietnam who has made a significant mark in the beauty industry. Her career began at a very young age, and since then, Jannie has continued to develop and expand her horizons. Currently, she is the owner of Hong Nhung salon & Spa, a famous brand with two locations in Binh Phuoc.


Expertise and prestigious awards
Jannie constantly learns and applies advanced techniques in the beauty industry. She has received many awards, including the Tattoo Artist award at the Oscar for Beauty industry honor ceremony in 2018. In particular, Jannie was evaluated and praised by the Vietnamese and Korean beauty associations Kbiz. my abilities and knowledge in the tattoo industry. This demonstrates dedication and originality in carrying out the craft.

vision and mission
Jannie Nguyen not only focuses on creating external beauty but also values ​​health and fitness as the foundation for sustainable beauty. She always aims to beautify from the inside, offering effective treatments and skin restoration. By applying advanced technology and unique methods, Jannie hopes to bring perfect beauty to each of her customers.

Development and future vision
With the mission "Be balanced - Be beautiful", Jannie Nguyen created the brand The Balance, which is building to become a chain of professional beauty salon & spa systems. She hopes that the beauty industry will have more and more professionals who live their lives for the good and contribute to the development of the industry. With her achievements and creative future vision, Jannie Nguyen is not only a leading beauty expert but also a leader in creating beauty and confidence for everyone.

Spreading beauty values ​​to the community
Not only is she a leading beauty expert, Jannie Nguyen also takes advantage of her knowledge and experience to share and train students who are passionate about the beauty industry. She organizes in-depth courses on tattooing and other advanced beauty methods, aiming to impart knowledge and skills to young beauty professionals.

Through training, Jannie Nguyen hopes to spread beauty values ​​to the community and contribute to the development of the industry. She is dedicated to sharing advanced methods and unique techniques, helping students develop creative thinking and discover their potential in the beauty industry.

Thanks to courses full of knowledge and experience, Jannie Nguyen is not only a leading expert in the beauty industry but also an active contributor to improving the capacity and quality of the beauty industry in the community.

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